Cohen on the Bridge Rescue at Entebbe

A rescue like no other… Animated story of the 1976 hostage rescue in Entebbe , Uganda, narrated in first-person by the first commando to enter the building, through the perspective of his own family’s rescue in the holocaust.

Live Life

This movie is about understanding and accepting death, and therefore making it an ally instead of a source of nightmare and fear. The story is led by a monk, during the Middle Ages, who is an only survivor from a village whose entire residents perished during the black plague. In the beginning the monk tries to cover death by performing the ritual of burial, but there is no end to the corpses. He tries to ignore death by communicating with the corpses as if they were alive, but gets disappointed with the grim reality of the rotting process. But as soon as he accepts death he creates something new through it, and by doing so makes a pact with death, makes it an ally for a new goal. He creates art from death, beauty through grotesque and glory through pain, and all that by building the cathedral in Kutna-Hora (town in the Czech Republic), with its entire sculptures made from 40,000 human bones. The premise of the story is: ” ignoring, denying and covering death leads to death“. The moral of the story is: “accepting and allying with death leads to creation“. The movie is accompanied by William Shatner’s and Ben Fold’s song ” You’ll have time”, that calls the viewer to live life to the fullest, because death is everywhere and in every moment of our lives, because death is everywhere and in every moment of our lives.   

On My Doorstep

A young woman is leading a sheltered and lonely life. Compromising her defenses, an event sends her into a spin.

Ben Gurion Hosting

The viewers meet David Ben-Gurion in his desert home in Sde-Boker as his guests and hear his animated character, describing the main events in his life, from his childhood in Plonsk through the stages of his leadership, until his move to the Negev desert. All with special connection and passion to the Negev and his hopes he had for the Jewish people revival trough the development of the desert.


A stop-motion animated story about people living in a Sydney apartment complex looking for meaning in their lives.

400 Miles to Freedom

FOUR HUNDRED MILES TO FREEDOM is the story of co-director Avishai Mekonenâ’s search to remember and reconcile what happened to him at age 10 in 1984, when he was kidnapped by slave traffickers in Sudan. Throughout his life-long journey from Ethiopia to Sudan, Israel, and finally America, his fundamental identity is challenged: What does it mean when others insist that you can’t be who you know you are? His search for answers leads him to other African, Asian and Latino Jews, and together they discover what it takes to heal a broken past and to overcome the invisibility and the questioning of one’s identity.

Treasure Hunt

On our birthdays, we used to play ‘Treasure Hunt’ with dad. He would hide riddles around the house that we were to find and solve to get our gifts. Since then things changed. Today, at 32, I set on a new treasure hunt to try and rebuild my family. The trouble is that it is hard to tell between the grownups and the kids.

Waltz with Bashir

On the night of September 16th, 1982, Christian militia members, known as Phalangists, invaded the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in the heart of Beirut and massacred 3,250 Palestinians while Israeli soldiers surrounded the area. Director Ari Folman was one of these soldiers. Folman embarks on a fully animated film which describes and follows the quest into the depths of the personal memory, in an attempt to put what happened that night finally to rest.