Head On

An uncontrollable journey into the alluring and glamorous unreachable, which promises satisfaction and success but also realization and destruction.


An old man battles against the forces of nature.


A young man arrives at a cabin in the woods, packed with records and souvenirs of Bandora, his favorite singer. He plays a record, when a mysterious feminine figure lures him to a wild forest chase, confronting his previous romantic failures.

Peacemaker Mac: The Island of Dispute

Peacemaker Mac arrives on the Island of Dispute to settle a land conflict. He tries his usual methods: handshakes, peace accord-like ceremonies, and even a separation barrier. After realizing that he only escalated the already aggressive situation, his real concern is for his untarnished resume. So he quickly escapes the island and destroys all evidence.

Still Water

Every night Leon returns to his wife with an empty fishing net. Every night they eat canned sardines in silence. But a storm that rages both outside and inside confronts him with a life changing dilemma.


A girl playing with her doll discovers she is no longer a child. A young woman uncomfortable with her body wishes to transform it. A lady lives her days immersed in her past. A pattern repeats itself as legacy passed from mother to daughter.

For The Remainder

An old cat on his deathbed bids farewell to his home before leaving to die unseen. Looking for the right moment, he uses his remaining time to etch a final memory of the world he called home.


A mother’s struggle to come to terms with her daughter’s strange nature.

In These Words

“In September 1944, we, 18 Jewish doctors were chosen”—the opening words of Dr. Aharon Beilin’s testimony at the Eichmann trial are the background to the journey of two squirrels left with no shelter or food, on the threshold of winter, on the brink of World War II.