Israel Film Center Stream FAQ

For any further questions or assistance, please contact 

Purchasing Films

How can I watch films on Israel Film Center Stream? 
You can either purchase each film individually for a 48 hour time period, or purchase a monthly subscription that gives you full access to all films on the platform.

What are the fees for watching films?
Individual costs for films vary and can be found on their respective pages. A subscription costs $18/month.

How can I access my purchased films?
After completing your order, you will immediately see on-screen order confirmation with a link to View Film. During the 24 hours rental period, you can access your purchased film by clicking your account name (top right corner of the screen), and then clicking Streaming History.

Are you going to be adding more films to the catalogue?
Yes, we constantly identify more great films to add to our service. Please make sure to sign up for our newsletter, so we can notify you of new titles. We also invite you to make suggestions and recommendations for additional films you’d like to see on

Discovering/Streaming Films

Searching For Films

How can I search for films?
You can search for films on Israel Film Center Stream by going to the film database. Click here to visit our film database. You can use the database to filter through film types, year, country, genre and subject. Click “Available on Stream” to discover which of our films are currently streaming on our platform. 

You can also search for a specific film/actor/director by typing them in the search bar.

How can I find out more about a film (length, cost, etc)?
You can learn more about a film by hovering over an individual film or clicking on an individual film to read through its page. 

Streaming Window

When does the film’s stream availability time start? 
The availability time for films starts upon completing purchase.

How long are film rentals available for?
Film rentals are available for a 48 hour window. 


Can I watch films outside the US?
Films are geoblocked to the US and cannot be watched in other countries.

Streaming from TV

How can I stream films from my TV?
To watch films on your TV, you could either use an HDMI cord (to connect your computer to your TV) or use an internet browser if you have a SmartTV or a device like Roku/Amazon FireStick 

Can I watch films on Apple TV?
No. The Apple TV app currently isn’t functional. We suggest you cast or connect your computer/phone to the TV to watch films from IFC Stream.


Do films have English subtitles?
All foreign films contain English subtitles.

Can I turn Subtitles on and off?
Subtitles are burnt into the film, meaning they cannot be turned on and off.

Are subtitles available in other languages?
Subtitles are only available in English.


A high-speed connection

Minimum Windows Requirements: 
*Intel Pentium 4 2.33GHZ or equivalent processor with a minimum of 512MB of memory 
*Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or Microsoft Windows Vista, or Windows 7 
*Internet Explorer 6.0 with Service Pack 2 or above, or Firefox 2.5 or above
*Adobe Flash Player 10.0 or above
*Sufficient Internet connection bandwidth, 800kbps or higher for smooth playback experience 
*Free hard disk space: 300 MB 
*Video adapter and monitor: Super VGA (1024×768) or higher.

Minimum Mac Requirements: 
*PowerPC G3 600 MHz 
*Pentium III 1GHz 
*Mac OS X 10.4+ 
*Macromedia Flash Player 10.0 
*Internet connection bandwidth: 750 kbps (DSL/Cable or higher) minimum, or higher recommended. 
*Free hard disk space: 300 MB 
*Adapter and monitor: Super VGA (1024×768) or higher

Streaming Difficulties

I rented a film but it isn’t playing. 
This could be for a few reasons:

  • You live outside the US, which our films are geoblocked to.
  • You did not watch the film within the 48-hour frame.
  • You did not complete the purchase.

I am watching the film but I don’t see any English subtitles.
Make sure the film is in fullscreen and in frame so that you can see subtitles. 

Managing IFC Stream Account

How can I access my account?
On the upper right hand corner of the website, your name is displayed. Click on your name to access your account. 

Where can I edit my payment method and credit card info?
On the upper right hand corner, click on your name to access your account. Next, go to “Payment Details.” On this page, you can edit your payment method and credit card information. 


How can I cancel my subscription?
Log-in to your Israel Film Center Stream account. On the upper right hand corner, click on your name to access your account settings. If your subscription is still active, click on the button next to “Cancel Subscription”. Click on the button to deactivate/cancel your subscription.  
When your subscription is canceled, your account will remain active until the end of the pay period, and will not continue to be charged and your account will not be renewed. 

If this doesn’t work, contact us to request an account cancellation at:

I canceled my subscription and am still being charged.
Your subscription might still be active. Please go to your Israel Film Center Stream account to make sure it’s cancelled, or contact for further support.

I canceled my subscription but I still have access to films.
Your subscription will continue until the end of the pay period. After that date, your subscription will not be renewed and you will no longer have access to films.

I am having trouble resetting my password.
When resetting your password, please try to click the button only once, as the site just takes time to process. Then when you receive your “reset password” email, click the link on the most recent email you received. This should allow you to change your password to access your account.

Streaming Films for Schools/Universities

I would like to stream a film for my school/university. Could you provide an access code?
We are happy to make our films accessible to schools/universities. We can create a code for the professor/students and can either pre-pay or pay after the class for a set amount of views. Please contact us at:

Distributor Contact

Can I get in contact with the distributor of a film?
We are unable to share rights owners information at this time.


Can I access films from the Israel Film Center Festival through a subscription?
Subscriptions to Israel Film Center do not provide access to films presented at the Israel Film Center Festival. You can purchase in-person and virtual tickets and/or passes through our ticket page. 

How long can I access a film once I purchase it?
Film purchases are available within a 72 hour window.