Israel Film Center Fund

The Israel Film Center Fund is a non-governmental American fund dedicated to the support and growth of all Israeli cinema through post-production funding assistance.   

The Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan’s Israel Film Center Fund is a new initiative whose goal is to ensure the sustainability and growth of independent Israeli cinema. By supporting artistically innovative filmmakers with unique points of view, we hope to help filmmakers realize their visions by providing them with the funds and resources to develop, distribute and complete their films to best reach and engage audiences.

The Israel Film Center Film Fund’s goals are to:

  • Support the continuity of broad and high leveled Jewish and Israeli storytelling. 
  • Raise the quality and expand the reach of Jeiwsh and Israeli films
  • Strengthen and diversify Israeli’s burgeoning film industry
  • Create stronger systems for American support of Jewish and Israeli cinema
  • Support artistic cinematic visions that connect the broader community to diverse representations of contemporary Jewish and Israeli life and culture
  • Help reshape the Jewish landscape for the 21st century. 

The Israel Film Center Film Fund will strengthen the Israeli and Jewish film community, resulting in an interconnected, sustainable network that promotes and champions fresh films, reaching the international community.  

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