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Live Life

Directed by: Jonathan Pasternak
6 Minutes, 2007

This movie is about understanding and accepting death, and therefore making it an ally instead of a source of nightmare and fear. The story is led by a monk, during the Middle Ages, who is an only survivor from a village whose entire residents perished during the black plague. In the beginning the monk tries to cover death by performing the ritual of burial, but there is no end to the corpses. He tries to ignore death by communicating with the corpses as if they were alive, but gets disappointed with the grim reality of the rotting process. But as soon as he accepts death he creates something new through it, and by doing so makes a pact with death, makes it an ally for a new goal. He creates art from death, beauty through grotesque and glory through pain, and all that by building the cathedral in Kutna-Hora (town in the Czech Republic), with its entire sculptures made from 40,000 human bones. The premise of the story is: ” ignoring, denying and covering death leads to death“. The moral of the story is: “accepting and allying with death leads to creation“. The movie is accompanied by William Shatner’s and Ben Fold’s song ” You’ll have time”, that calls the viewer to live life to the fullest, because death is everywhere and in every moment of our lives, because death is everywhere and in every moment of our lives.