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The Kind Words

In the wake of their mother’s death, Dorona (Rotem Zissman-Cohen) and her brothers Netanel (Roy Assaf) and Shai (Assaf Ben-Shimon) stumble across some unexpected intrigue regarding her past — namely the revelation that her husband, the man who raised them, is not their biological father. The ensuing search for the mysterious Muslim man who sired them takes them from Israel to France. The film truly belongs to Dorona, a young woman longing for a love so idealized, so notional, that she can’t see the full heart of the man in front of her: her own husband. Briskly paced and threaded throughout with wry humor, Zarhin’s film asks us to confront our own ideas around identity and walking the emotional tightrope between lies and truth.

The Other Story poster

The Other Story

Renowned filmmaker Avi Nesher’s latest film The Other Story tells a suspenseful, poignant, and humorous story through the eyes of two rebellious young women from two troubled families that tangle in the most unexpected ways in Jerusalem. As the characters’ warring personal convictions and intimate anxieties clash, the secular and religious world views they hold dear also come to embody the struggle for identity reflecting present-day Israel.

The Band’s Visit

The Alexandria Ceremonial Police Orchestra arrives in Israel from Egypt for a cultural event. They soon find out that there is no delegation to meet them, nor any arrangements to get to their destination of Petah Tiqva. They struggle to find accommodations in an unfamiliar place.

Voices from the Heartland: Poker Face

Every Friday night for the last 16 years, Anna, Alex and three other couples meet for their weekly poker game. Alex is not yet 60, but problems with his memory are steadily getting worse. The group decides to vote whether Alex will have to give up his seat at the table. Anna knows that if Alex loses the vote, he will be miserable, so she puts on her poker face and sets a plan in motion.

Hello, Goodbye

When they move to Israel to explore their Jewish heritage and revive their failing marriage, fifty-something French emigres Alain and Gisele Gaash arrive in Tel Aviv to find their luggage lost, their apartment gone, and Alain’s new job taken.


On January 19, 2010, Mahmoud al Mabhouh was found dead in his hotel room in Dubai. The local police accused the Mossad and released security-camera footage showing supposed Israeli agents caught on tape in the preparation and execution of the murder, immediately making headlines all over the world. But no one was as shocked as the Mossad itself.

Hunting Elephants

Hunting Elephants centers on a 12-year-old Israeli boy named Jonathan, who is dealt a cruel double-blow by fate. First his father is killed in a freak accident while working at the local bank. Then, not only does the bank deny fault, they also declare they’ll repossess the boy’s home. Pushed to the brink, the boy must find money fast, and so decides to rob the bank that’s offended him. But he needs a team. Unfortunately for Jonathan, the only crew he has access to is three senior citizens.

gett poster

Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem

An Israeli woman (Ronit Elkabetz) fights for three years to obtain a divorce from her devout husband (Simon Abkarian), who refuses to grant his permission to dissolve the marriage.

Year Zero

A real estate agent and his wife upset with his wife’s newest pregnancy, throwing their marriage into turmoil. A suspicious businessman returns to Israel to care for his ailing father. A single mother tries to stay afloat after losing her job. A radio technician produces a program that could shed light on his past. What happens when the lives of these residents of Tel Aviv become intertwined?


70 year old Yaakov Fidelman (Sasson Gabai) hangs on with all his might to the antique restoration workshop which has been his life’s work. After his long-time business partner passes away, Fidelman rejects his son Noah’s idea to close the business and build an apartment complex on the site. He believes that with the help of his new apprentice Anton, he’ll find a way to save his workshop, his world and his solitary way of life. When Anton falls in love with Hava, Noah’s pregnant wife, the two young men compete not only over a father, but also over a woman and the baby she carries.