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The Kind Words

Directed by: Shemi Zarhin
118 Minutes, 2015, Comedy; Drama; Israel Film Center Festival

In the wake of their mother’s death, Dorona (Rotem Zissman-Cohen) and her brothers Netanel (Roy Assaf) and Shai (Assaf Ben-Shimon) stumble across some unexpected intrigue regarding her past — namely the revelation that her husband, the man who raised them, is not their biological father. The ensuing search for the mysterious Muslim man who sired them takes them from Israel to France. The film truly belongs to Dorona, a young woman longing for a love so idealized, so notional, that she can’t see the full heart of the man in front of her: her own husband. Briskly paced and threaded throughout with wry humor, Zarhin’s film asks us to confront our own ideas around identity and walking the emotional tightrope between lies and truth.


Director: Shemi Zarhin

Producer: Talia Kleinhendler

Producer: Osnat Handelsman-Keren

Producer: Martin Paul-Hus

Producer: Moshe Edery

Producer: Leon Edery

Cinematographer: Ronald Plante

Editor: Einat Glaser-Zarhin

Cast: Rotem Zissman-Cohen

Cast: Roy Assaf

Cast: Assaf Ben-Shimmon

Cast: Levana Finkelstein

Cast: Sasson Gabai