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Year Zero

Directed by: Joseph Pitchhadze
131 Minutes, 2006, Comedy; Drama

A real estate agent and his wife upset with his wife’s newest pregnancy, throwing their marriage into turmoil. A suspicious businessman returns to Israel to care for his ailing father. A single mother tries to stay afloat after losing her job. A radio technician produces a program that could shed light on his past. What happens when the lives of these residents of Tel Aviv become intertwined?


Director: Joseph Pitchhadze

Producer: Joseph Pitchhadze

Producer: Lior Shefer

Producer: Dov Stoyer

Cast: Yussuf Abu-Warda

Cast: Jack Adalist

Cast: Sarah Adler

Cast: Assaf Ashtar

Cast: Vladimir Friedman

Cast: Sasson Gabai

Written by: Joseph Pitchhadze

Written by: Dov Stoyer

Distributor: United King Films