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Dogs are Color Blind

Directed by: Orna Raviv, Yohanan Raviv
92 Minutes, 1996, Comedy

Burglars break into the home of Naomi and Tziki. They file a complaint. Claude, the police officer, takes Naomi on a tour full of sex in the city, while at the same time, Tziki goes on a different tour with a friendly prostitute and her pimp.


Directors: Orna Raviv, Yohanan Raviv

Producer: Orna Raviv

Producer: Yohanan Raviv

Cast: Shmil Ben Ari

Cast: Rami Heuberger

Cast: Shaul Mizrahi

Cast: Keren Mor

Cast: Dov Navon

Cast: Menashe Noy

Cast: Sharon Raginiano

Cast: Dana Raz

Cast: David Lis

Original Music: Kobi Oz

Original Music: Teapacks

Director of Photography: Avi Koren

Editor: Zion Avrahamian