The Kind Words poster

The Kind Words

In the wake of their mother’s death, Dorona (Rotem Zissman-Cohen) and her brothers Netanel (Roy Assaf) and Shai (Assaf Ben-Shimon) stumble across some unexpected intrigue regarding her past — namely the revelation that her husband, the man who raised them, is not their biological father. The ensuing search for the mysterious Muslim man who sired them takes them from Israel to France. The film truly belongs to Dorona, a young woman longing for a love so idealized, so notional, that she can’t see the full heart of the man in front of her: her own husband. Briskly paced and threaded throughout with wry humor, Zarhin’s film asks us to confront our own ideas around identity and walking the emotional tightrope between lies and truth.

The Fifth Heaven poster

The Fifth Heaven

Based on the novel by Rachel Eytan. Summer 1944. 13 year old Maya is placed in a foster home. The director of the home falls in love with her, as Maya reminds him of a tortured love affair from his past. Maya, however, falls in love with a member of the underground who is engaged to one of the workers at the home. This complicated romance enthralls.

A Place in Heaven poster

A Place in Heaven

Strangely and surprisingly, the Jewish Halacha (religious law) permits the trade or transfer of another person’s place in heaven.
What happens when that law leaves the ancient books and comes down to real life?
A promising young officer in the early days of Israel returns from another successful operation. He is so hungry that he accepts the army cook assistant’s ridiculous deal – a spicy omelet, his favorite dish, in return for his place in heaven.

My Lovely Sister

The film is based on a modern Moroccan-Jewish legend and takes place in present-day Israel. It is a story of a love triangle between the primitively superstitious Rahma, her rude husband Robert, and the ghost of Rahma’s beautiful sister Mary—who died from the pain of banishment, having followed her heart and chosing to live with an Arab man. Rahma and Robert’s conscience will be tested through an emotional and passionate journey with Mary, in order to fall in love and accept one another. A political story of national fervor, this surreal legend takes place in the impoverished housing blocks of Israel’s peripheral towns.