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A Place in Heaven

Directed by: Yossi Madmony
118 Minutes, 2013, Drama; Israel Film Center Festival

Strangely and surprisingly, the Jewish Halacha (religious law) permits the trade or transfer of another person’s place in heaven.
What happens when that law leaves the ancient books and comes down to real life?
A promising young officer in the early days of Israel returns from another successful operation. He is so hungry that he accepts the army cook assistant’s ridiculous deal – a spicy omelet, his favorite dish, in return for his place in heaven.


Director: Yossi Madmony

Producer: Avi Chai fundChannel 10Israel Film Fund (support)Movie PlusUnited King Films

Cast: Alon Aboutboul

Cast: Tom Graziani

Cast: Rotem Zissman-Cohen

Cast: Yossi Pollak

Written by: Yossi Madmoni

Distributor: United King Films