A Universal Language

A Universal Language, documents the exciting once in a life time journey of six Canadian comedians, among them Canadian comedy icon Mark Breslin, as they explore comedy, identity and history throughout the Holy Land and use the weapons of comedy to try and bring laughter to the Middle East.

A Bottle in the Gaza Sea

Tal is 17 years old. Naim is 20. She’s Israeli and he’s Palestinian. She lives in Jerusalem and he lives in Gaza. They both live their lives until one day a bottle is thrown in the sea.

Aida’s Secrets

Isaac and Shfisil, two brothers born in a DP camp after World War II, lived in the shadow of secrets hidden from them all by their closest relatives. When they were babies, they were separated and did not know anything about each other. Investigate the mysterious history of family reunion after six decades, gives a rare glimpse of life in the DP camps in Germany after World War II: a lively social life and communities flourished wild young survivors, a period that is hardly spoken about on the screen.

Inside Hana’s Suitcase

Inside Hana’s Suitcase, is the poignant story of two young children who grew up in pre-WWII Czechoslovakia and the terrible events that they endured just because they happened to be born Jewish. Based on the internationally acclaimed book “Hana’s Suitcase” which has been translated into 40 languages, the film is an effective blend of documentary and dramatic techniques. In addition to tracing the lives of George and Hana Brady in the 1930’s and 40’s, “Inside Hana’s Suitcase” tells the present-day story of “The Small Wings”, a group of Japanese children, and how their passionate and tenacious teacher, Fumiko Ishioka, helped them solve the mystery of Hana Brady, whose name was painted on an old battered suitcase that they received from Auschwitz, the notorious Nazi death camp built in Poland. The film’s plot unfolds as told through contemporary young storytellers who act as the omniscient narrators. They seamlessly transport us through 70 years of history and back and forth across three continents, and relate to us a story of unspeakable sadness and also of shining hope. For this is a Holocaust story unlike others. It provides a contemporary global perspective and lessons to be learned for a better future. Directed by award-winning filmmaker, Larry Weinstein, “Inside Hana’s Suitcase” is a powerful journey full of mystery and memories, brought to life through the first-hand perspectives of Fumiko, Hana’s brother George, and of Hana herself.

When Jews Were Funny

Insightful and often hilarious, the latest from documentary filmmaker Alan Zweig surveys the history of Jewish comedy, from the early days of Borsht Belt to the present, ultimately exploring not just ethnicity in the entertainment industry, but also the entire unruly question of what it means to be Jewish.

Metallic Blues poster

Metallic Blues

Two Israeli car dealers, Shmuel and Siso, invest five thousand American dollars into a vintage 1985 Lincoln Continental Limousine that they plan to sell in Germany for fifty grand. But when they take it there, they run into problems with the customs police, who are suspicious of Middle Easterners with a huge American gas guzzler. The routine search causes Shmuel to experience a disturbing hallucination about WWII Germany and the Nazis his parents fled from some sixty years earlier. And their adventure in Germany turns into a struggle just to make it out safely, as the echoes of the past catch up with them.