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A Bottle in the Gaza Sea

Directed by: Thierry Binisti
100 Minutes, 2010, Drama; Other Israel Film Festival; Romance

Tal is 17 years old. Naim is 20. She’s Israeli and he’s Palestinian. She lives in Jerusalem and he lives in Gaza. They both live their lives until one day a bottle is thrown in the sea.


Director: Thierry Binisti

Producer: Milena Poylo

Producer: Gilles Sacuto

Producer: Amir Harel

Producer: Ayelet Kait

Producer: Anne-Marie Galinas


It’s the others who must.

During WW2,in an attic in Amsterdam,a teenage girl wrote her diary:she dedicated her pages to an imaginary friend called Kitty ;she was a Jew,like Tal,and her last lines were about those “others” .

After a Bombing, a Young girl from Jérusalem begins to write to an imaginary Palestinian;against all odds, the message in the bottle is not lost;unlike his pals ,a Young man decides to heed the call.

The first e-mails are aggressive ,full of the resentment that had been building up for years ;little by little,forgetting all that comes between them ,they realize what they share:fear ,longing for a peaceful life.Their world ,where some are right whereas the others are not wrong,has no room for friendship of a Gaza Man and an Anne Frank from Jérusalem .

A movie which uses no less than four languages ,but its real tongue is that of peace ,love and understanding;the final sequence will drive you to tears .I’m French ,I do hope they will meet in my country!