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Aida’s Secrets

Directed by: Alon Schwartz
90 Minutes, 2015, Documentary; Israel Film Center Festival

Isaac and Shfisil, two brothers born in a DP camp after World War II, lived in the shadow of secrets hidden from them all by their closest relatives. When they were babies, they were separated and did not know anything about each other. Investigate the mysterious history of family reunion after six decades, gives a rare glimpse of life in the DP camps in Germany after World War II: a lively social life and communities flourished wild young survivors, a period that is hardly spoken about on the screen.

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Director: Alon Schwartz


Winner Jury Prize Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

Winner Audience Award DocAviv Film Festival

Winner Jury Prize Miami Jewish Film Festival


Very well-made documentary about the survival and even triumphs of mere mortals in the wake of WWII and the holocaust, told through the unraveling secrets of one mother and her sons. Life in the Displaced Persons Camp near Bergen-Belsen may have been like a rebirth for the war survivors, but they have of course been deeply damaged and sometimes may have done things that are difficult to explain. As Aida’s deep secrets are gently unraveled, we gain compassion and understanding.