• Production: Director: Hagai Levi Associate Director: Jonathan Gurfinkel Producers: Liran Atzmor and Hagai Levi Produced with the help of: Gum Films- Aurit Zamir and Yoav Roeh Screenplay: Hagai Levi, Noam Kaplan, Michal Vinik, Michal Weiss, Shachar Magen. Cinematographer: Shark De Mayo Editor: Tali Halter Shenkar Sound Designer: Aviv Aldema
  • Starring: Yehuda Almagor, Neta shpigelman, Itay Barnea, Hava Ortman
  • Written By: Hagai Levi, Noam Kaplan, Michal Vinik, Michal Weiss, Shachar Magen
  • Distributed By: Go2Films
  • Language: Hebrew w/ English subtitles

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The Accursed (Episode 2: Yona Wallach)

NarrativeDocumentary | 2014 | 60 min.
Directed by: Hagai Levi

Created by Hagai Levi, 60 min, Narrative (2014)

In the last two years of her life, the poet Yona Wallach suddenly became a public figure. The scandal caused by her poem “Tefillin” had serious cultural and political implications, her poems set to music became radio hits, and the way she dealt with her cancer was covered intimately by the entire media. Hagai met Yona once as an adolescent and was exposed even then to the cruelty and madness so closely associated with her. He returned to her years afterward to document her as she took account of her life and described the love she felt for the young man living with her. Yona speaks the way she wrote and lives, with boundless intensity, intoxicatingly beautiful language, and rare courage.

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