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The Accursed (Episode 3: Moshe Kroy)

Directed by: Hagai Levi
60 Minutes, 2014

Soon after the Yom Kippur War, a short philosophical tract entitled Life According to the Intellect was published in Israel, and Moshe Kroy, a twenty-five-year-old Doctor of Philosophy became a kind of local guru for one turbulent year. The Theory of Rational Egoism that he developed fell on the eager ears of all the people fed up with all the fallen ideologies. Hagai, who was now about to enter the army, becomes a student of Kroy and documents him too. For years he follows the dramatic turnabouts in Kroy’s philosophy but also in his life. He even follows Kroy to Australia to confront him about what seemed at first to be like a return to religion, or was it to madness?The remarkable story of Moshe Kroy is one of the most extreme examples that this country has known. It is the story of a genius who paid every imaginable price in his uncompromising effort to reach the truth.