Happy Times poster

Happy Times

A boorish Israeli-American couple plan a Sabbath dinner party for a group of fellow ex-pat friends and family in their Hollywood Hills mansion. What could possibly go wrong? Well, start with a deadly mix of alcohol, add inflated egos, some inappropriate lust and top with raging jealousy and the result is of cauldron of murderous mayhem. A shot gun, garden sheers, kitchen knives and even a garbage disposal are used as weapons of choice as these deranged guests turn on each other in director Michael (“Out in the Dark”) Mayer’s outrageous and bloody comedy. Think “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” meets “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”


No one really appreciates Kamel Nadjer, the young Bedouin security guard at the Be’er Sheba central bus station, neither his family, nor his Israeli colleagues. When the poor tin shacks he shares with his family in the desert are menaced by demolition orders, Kamel decides to take action. He will stage a bombing in the bus station and then prevent it, in order to establish himself as a hero, save his village, and win the admiration he so desires.

The Wonders

Graffiti artist, mystery man — part con-man, party modern-day prophet — along with a grumpy cynical private investigator, and a neurotic femme fatale, embark on a noirish journey into the very heart of darkness of Jerusalem.

The Man in the Wall

One night, one apartment and one mystery. Rami takes his dog on a walk and disappears. His wife, Shir, wakes up in the middle of the night, clueless as to his whereabouts. Friends, relatives, neighbors and police come round and, with each visit, more marital secrets are revealed. Could one of them hold the key to the mystery? Set entirely during one rainy night, The Man in the Wall is a tense, methodically paced psychological drama with a personal touch.

Fire Birds

An eighty-year-old man’s body is found with three stab wounds to the chest and a number tattooed along his forearm. Amnon, a police detective and second generation Holocaust survivor, is reluctantly assigned to the case. As the plot weaves between the past and present, their stories unfold.

Sabena Highjacking – My Version

A powerful, suspenseful docu-drama based on previously undiscovered audio recordings of the former pilot, Captain Reginald Levy. Captain Levy (now deceased) as in command of the Sabena Flight 571 from Brussels, Belgium to Tel Aviv, Israel on 8 May 1972, when it was hijacked by four members from the “Black September”, the armed wing of Fatah or Palestine Liberalization Organisation.


Since the late 80’s, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has operated special undercover units called “Mista’arvim”, currently in the West Bank and previously in the Gaza Strip. The soldiers, disguised as Palestinians, blend into the Arab community and carry out anti-terror operations. “Fauda” (Arabic for ‘Chaos’) shows the story of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. On one hand Doron and his team are hunting the Hamas activist Abu-Ahmed. On the other hand one sees the tragic life of Abu-Ahmed and his family and the reasons for their escalating hatred towards Israel. The series starts when Doron, who is working as a wine-maker, learns that the most wanted Arab terrorist, whom he had caught and was presumed to be dead, is in fact alive and well and planning the next suicide bombings. From there until the end of the 12th episode, one can barely blink.

The Testament

Yoel, a dedicated historian, is involved in an international debate revolving around a massacre of Jews in Austria during WWII. Yoel`s investigation reveals classified information that questions everything he knows about himself and his past. Yoel knows that further investigation will lead him on a road of no return, but as a historian he is fully committed to the truth.

Hora 79

A comedy about dance and growing older. Thirty five years ago, Israel’s mythological folk dance troupe “Hora 79” ceased its activity following a traumatic event, and the dancers went their separate ways. Now, after several decades, the Carmiel Dance Festival initiates a one-time event: a tribute to the legendary dance troupe. Upon receiving this surprising invitation, the troupe decides to reunite. Will they succeed in overcoming the dark shadows of the past, the old rivalries and conflicts, and the betrayals of an aging body? Will they enjoy a moment of grace, returning, if only for a moment, to their lost youth?



In 1948, Tuviansky, a captain in the Israeli army and a former major in the British army, was arrested. Within four hours he was interrogated, tried, sentenced, executed and his body was thrown into a pit in the ground.

Tuviansky was accused of treason because he had innocently supplied a list to his British boss at the power plant—a list of vital institutions whose power supply was not interrupted even during power cuts. The locations on the list had been shelled before Tuviansky passed the list to his boss. However, passing on the list was enough for the head of security in Jerusalem, a Major Glibly, to start an investigation and in no time, to execute Tubianski.

A year later Tuviansky was found innocent. His executioners were then tried and moderately punished.