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Happy Times

Directed by: Michael Mayer
93 Minutes, 2019, Comedy; Horror; Mystery/Thriller

A boorish Israeli-American couple plan a Sabbath dinner party for a group of fellow ex-pat friends and family in their Hollywood Hills mansion. What could possibly go wrong? Well, start with a deadly mix of alcohol, add inflated egos, some inappropriate lust and top with raging jealousy and the result is of cauldron of murderous mayhem. A shot gun, garden sheers, kitchen knives and even a garbage disposal are used as weapons of choice as these deranged guests turn on each other in director Michael (“Out in the Dark”) Mayer’s outrageous and bloody comedy. Think “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” meets “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”


Director: Michael Mayer

Cast: Michael Aloni

Cast: Liraz Chamami

Cast: Iris Bahr

Cast: Alon Pdot

Cast: Stéfi Celma

Cast: Ido Mor