9 Years Later

Danielle, a Jew who grew up as a Muslim in Morocco, struggles for the right to bring up her son, Nasser. Nine years after she was forced to leave him and moved to live in Jerusalem, she returns to Morocco to fight for custody. She sets off to meet her son, now 14, and her Muslim family. To her surprise, the greatest difficulties come from Israeli society and the levels of bureaucracy which threaten this fragile relationship.


Adam’s older brother was killed in a car crash a year ago, and his family has not been the same since. As his parents struggle to cope with their grief, Adam (10), plagued with guilt over his brother’s death feels he is all alone in the world. But everything changes the day he meets Abulele. Together, they outsmart Adam’s mean schoolteacher and beat the class bullies. But Adam’s parents start to suspect he is harboring a secret, And when a government, Special Forces unit called “Thunder” appears in the neighborhood on a mission to capture Abulele things go from bad to worse. In order to save his best friend, Adam will have to get Abulele back home to its family, and to do so, he will need to put the past behind him and realize that when you truly love someone, you are never really alone.


A variety of peculiar characters, puppets and humans, share a building in a small town: Pertchik who is the building’s super and our storyteller, Giovanni the hairdresser, Yardus his assistant, Shlihta the dog and a mysterious tenant who no one has ever seen. The dream of the town is to become a city.