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Directed by: Kobi Machat
80 Minutes, 2015, Children's; Israel Film Center Festival

A variety of peculiar characters, puppets and humans, share a building in a small town: Pertchik who is the building’s super and our storyteller, Giovanni the hairdresser, Yardus his assistant, Shlihta the dog and a mysterious tenant who no one has ever seen. The dream of the town is to become a city.


Director: Kobi Machat

Cast: Kobi Machat

Cast: Naya Federman

Cast: Yuval Shem Tov

Cast: Meir Suissa

Cast: Haim Osdon

Cast: Yehoram Gaon

Cast: Hila Eran

Cast: Ron Kaufman

Cast: Eden Harel

Cast: Oded Menashe

Distributor: United King