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Zur Hadasim

Directed by: Gideon Kolirin
100 Minutes, 1999

Etti just can’t believe it when the nurse gives her the positive result. But the nurse insists and Etti stops doubting and begins dreaming about the future. While she’s at the clinic finding out she’s pregnant, her cool boyfriend Shaul decides to buy the car, and oh is it one hell of a car. Truth is, Shaul could explain to Etti that there was a problem, but because of the look she gets in her eyes whenever she talks about their baby, he doesn’t succeed in making the matter clear to her. So he’s left with this problem, which is why he decides to go to the Armenian, who offers to solve the problem with Etti and fix up his life in a big way too. But while Shaul and the Armenian are cooking up their scheme, Adi and Ilana also make a plan that’s supposed to straighten out their own screwed-up lives. Adi and Ilana don’t really have anything to do with Shaul and Etti’s story, but when their plan gets messed up, things also go haywire for Shaul and Etti. “There’s hope and then there’s circumstance. Say you’d like to date a girl and she’s interested, then there’s hope. If her grandfather dies exactly on the day you call her, that’s circumstance. The problem is that you can’t always know if it’s the hopes or the circumstances that are to blame.” (somebody)


Director: Gideon Kolirin

Producer: Daniel Ben-Menachem

Cast: Albert Ailuz

Cast: Dana Modan

Cast: Dafna Rechter

Cast: Shmuel Calderone

Cast: Itzik Havel

Cast: Sarah Gilon

Cast: Clode Aviram

Cast: Debbie Baserglik

Cast: Orly Ben-Garti

Screenwriter: Eran Kolirin

Assistant Director: Avi Kleinberger

Director of Photography: Amnon Solomon

Production Designer: Yoram Shayer

Continuity: Leon Edery

Continuity: Lian Elvis

Loader: Ehab Asal

Gaffer: Yehuda Tatrico

Key Gripper: Eli Levy

Sound: Maksim Segal

Costume Designer: Yael Rubin

Make up Artist: Helly Ben Shlomo