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Yasmine’s Song

Directed by: Najwa Najjar
20 Minutes, 2005

Building the wall won’t keep two young lovers apart. Yasmine and Ziyad move in the shadows exchanging tender promises, but the harsh realities of conflict loom like a searchlight. Cryptic predictions of their town’s future loom over the unwinding fate of the couple.


Director: Najwa Najjar

Producer: Najwa Najjar

Cast: Hesham Suleiman

Cast: Hanan Hillo

Cast: Samia Kuzmoz

Cast: Walid Abdul Salam

Cast: Ahmad Abu Sal’oum

Cast: Ruba Blal

Cast: Mohammad Bakri

Music: Souad Massi

Cinematographer: Koutaiba Aljanabi

Editor: Sotira Kyriacou

Editor: Diarmid Scrimshaw

Writer: Najwa Najjar