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Wisdom of the Pretzel

Directed by: Ilan Haytner
100 Minutes, 2002, Comedy

Golan, an almost 30 year old guy from Tel-Aviv, was supposed to be a married CEO, wining and dining with friends.  Instead, he resists growing up and lives his life searching for the love of his life. But finding a girl is like trying to choose an ice cream flavor. How can you pick just one??? Golan finally falls in love with an irresistible and unpredictable girl, who happens to be his best friend’s sister. She shakes his world and shows him what “real life” is all about. Not your typical boy meets girl, boy loses girl story.


Director: Ilan Haytner

Producer: Shay Verker

Cast: Osnat Hakim

Cast: Guy Loel

Cast: Orit Sher

Cast: Yoram Sachs

Cast: Benni Avni

Cast: Shay Werker

Cast: Alma Zak

Music Score : Ofir leybovitz

Production Designer: Ilana Gild

Editor: Joel Alexix

Director of Photography: Oded Kirma

1st Assistant Director: Daniel Avitzur

Make Up: Ofra Nachshon

Line Producer: Anna Finestein