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Wasserman: The Rain Man

Directed by: Idit Shehori
58 Minutes, 2005, Drama

A seventy-three year old farmer, Wasserman, swore never to pray again, blaming God for his family’s annihilation during the Holocaust. But in serious debt and suffering from the effects of a devastating draught, he needs help. The only way his religious neighbors will come to his aid is if he agrees to join them in the synagogue for a communal prayer. Now Wasserman has to to decide between the wishes of the community, his two daughters and a grandson as well as his financial need, and his conflict with the God who stole his family from him.

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Director: Idit Shehori

Producer: Mosh Danon

Producer: Yifat Prestelnik

Cast: Yosef Carmon

Cast: Naama Shapiro

Cast: Golan Azulau

Cast: Irit Nathan Benedek

Cast: Alon Lysy

Cast: Amnon Wolf

Written by: David Akerman

Distributor: Go2Films