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Unexpected Love

Directed by: Paz Schwartz
50 Minutes, 2014

This is the story of a rare, almost impossible romance. Anastasia was 10 when she first met Doron. She was a tall and pretty new immigrant; he was 19 years older than her, but suffering from a birth defect that prevented him from growing. When Anastasia was 12, she accused Doron of molesting her. Because of her testimony, Doron was arrested and sentenced to three years in prison. On Yom Kippur two years ago, after his release, Anastasia worked up the courage to call him: “I wanted to apologize for all the lies I told when I was 12.” Doron forgave her, and their relationship grew into a genuine love story. Today they are married and have two children. In this film, they tell their story, motivated by the desire to clear Doron’s name and legitimize their relationship.


Director: Paz Schwartz

Producer: Shula Spiegel

Producer: Dana Eden

Editor: Ruthy Pribar

Cinematographer: Reuven Brodesky

Writer: Paz Schwartz

Writer: Reuven Brodesky