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The Sell Out

Directed by: Peter Collinson
88 Minutes, 1976

The KGB and the CIA have struck a bargain to eliminate former agents who might prove embarrassing to either of their espionage organizations. The chief of the CIA mission in Lebanon names Gabriel Lee as the next agent it wishes to have liquefied. Lee is vacationing in Israel when the assassins fail at their first attempt to kill him and he turns to his former mentor, also a retired agent, for assistance.


Director: Peter Collinson

Producer: Alex Massis

Producer: Tom Sachs

Producer: Josef Shaftel

Cast: Assi Dayan

Cast: Oliver Reed

Cast: Richard Widmark

Cast: Gayle Hunnicutt

Cast: Sam Wanamaker

Cast: Vladek Sheybal

Cast: Ori Levy

Cast: Peter Frye

Cast: Yossi Graber

Cast: Shmuel Rodensky

Cast: Fanny Lubitsch

Cast: Miguel Pedregosa

Cast: Yossi Virginsky

Cast: Thelma Ruby

Cast: Heinz Bernard

Cast: Yoel Sharr

Cast: Dino Gershoni

Cast: Hanna Neeman

Cast: David Biderman

Writer: Murray Smith

Writer: Judson Kinberg

Editor: Raymond Poulton

Original music: Colin Frechter

Original music: Mike Green

Cinematographer: Arthur Ibbetson