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The Man Who Came to Take

Directed by: Prosper Pariente
80 Minutes, 1981, Comedy

The plot deals with a suitcase full of diamonds which would bring down the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. A businessman, who was supposed to use the money for welfare, will advance shares, buy the diamonds and flee abroad. The trouble is that his wife is also after the suitcase, as well as her lover, who is also her husband’s lawyer. Another person who has his eyes set on the suitcase is a Parisian thief, who came especially to Israel. Ultimately he will find himself running for the Israeli Knesset … This film is a political farce set against the political corruption of the eighties..


Director: Prosper Pariente

Producer: Amatsia Hiuni

Writer: Prosper Pariente

Music: Nachum Heiman

Sound: Eli Yarkoni

Cinematographer: David Gurfinkel

Writer: Zeev Revah