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The Life and Death of Gotel Botel

Directed by: Daniel Sivan
82 Minutes, 2007, Comedy

Nati Ornan, an unknown musician and failed lover, lives in a grey world. By day, he is a genuine loser who lives with his mother and plays the part of a vacuum cleaner in a children’s play. By night, he is the leader of a rebellious Indy band that is overlooked by the establishment and the public. His pitiful personal and professional life drives Nati to create a dark and narcissistic alter ego known as Gotel Botel. Gotel brings Nati the greatness he could not achieve on his own. Gotel is able to avenge his enemies, create a successful underground show and conquer the heart of Ayelet, Nati’s secret love. 


Director: Daniel Sivan

Producer: Yariv Mozer

Producer: Arik Bernstein

Producer: Shay Abramov

Cast: Nadav Bossem

Cast: Hila Goshen

Cast: Smadar Jaaron

Cast: Noa Leibowitz

Cast: Yoram Loewenstein

Cast: Nati Ornan

Cast: Ayelet Robinson

Cast: Tal Wagner

Director of Photography: Nitay Netzer

Editor : Oded Farber

Lighting : Ofer Ben-Yheuda

Sound Man: Eyal Libman

1st Assistant Director : Eldad Yagen

Wardrobe : Miri Levi