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The House on Chelouche Street

Directed by: Moshe Mizrahi
110 Minutes, 1973

The film tells the story of a family of Egyptian immigrants that settle in 1947 Tel Aviv. The family consists of a widowed wife (played by Gila Almagor) and her four children. The plot centers on the firstborn, Sammy, his transition from a shy 15 year old to a working man and an activist in the “Haganah”, and the romantic attachment he develops with a 25 year old Russian immigrant librarian (Michal Bat Adam). The movie is a vivid and very credible description of Egyptian-Jewish families on the eve of the declaration of the state of Israel.


Director: Moshe Mizrahi

Producer: Menahem Golan

Cast: Rolf Brin

Cast: Gila Almagor

Cast: Jospeh Shiloach

Cast: Ofer Shalchin

Cast: Michal Bat-Adam

Writer: Moshe Mizrahi

Writer: Yerech Guber

Editor: Dov Hoenig

Cinematographer: Adam Greenberg

Original music: Dov Seltzer