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The Highway Queen

Directed by: Menahem Golan
107 Minutes, 1971

Margalit (Gila Almagor) is a prostitute with one child, and she wants another one. A man-hater, she doesn’t want a husband, just another child. At this point she is an independent woman who works without a pimp and who “owns” a section of a road outside of Tel Aviv. There, she offers her services to the truck drivers who get their gas nearby. Among her clients she finds one handsome enough to suit her and goes to the kibbutz where he lives to induce him to impregnate her, which he does. While living with her mother in semi-retirement during her pregnancy, she goes out with some lowlife bums she knows who quite literally take her to Sodom and rape her. The movie continues her story quite a bit beyond these episodes.


Director: Menahem Golan

Producer: Menahem Golan

Producer: Yoram Globus

Cast: Yehuda Barkan

Cast: Gila Almagor

Cast: Miriam Bernstein-Cohen

Cast: Lea Koenig

Writer: Menahem Golan

Writer: Gila Almagor

Editor: David Treuherz

Music: Dov Seltzer

Cinematographer: David Gurfinkel