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The Flood

Directed by: Guy Nattiv
100 Minutes, 2009

Everything is complicated in Yoni’s life. He’s almost 13, real gifted, but physically undeveloped and struggles daily to grow up before his threatening up-coming Bar Mitzva. He sells homework in order to secretly buy a body building wonder powder, which so far does nothing, he stretches every night with heavy weight tied to his legs and screams with full force in front of the wind to thicken his girlish, unstable voice, that gave him the ridiculous nick name – Helium. His new classmates, a year older and two heads taller, bully him at every chance they get and his parents barely say a word to each other and communicate through him, if at all. As if all this isn’t enough – only a week before the ceremony – his autistic brother, Tomer, 17, hidden for years in a hostel that is now shut down – returns home. This shakes not only Yoni’s life, but the unstable foundation of the entire family.


Director: Guy Nattiv

Producer: Daniel Baur

Producer: Antoine de Clermont-Tonnerre

Producer: Ina Fichman

Producer: Tami Leon

Producer: Elie Meirovitz

Producer: Chilik Michaeli

Producer: Avraham Pirchi

Producer: Oliver Simon

Producer: Geraldine Jourdan

Producer: Ken Proulx

Cast: Yoav Rotman

Cast: Tzahi Grad

Cast: Yoav Rotman

Cast: Michael Moshonov

Cast: Ronit Elkabetz

Cast: Noa Barkai

Cast: Yotam Ishay

Cast: Gidon Gadi

Cast: Lir Katz

Cast: Jacob Cohen

Cast: Michaela Leshem

Cast: Dekel Adin

Cast: Eliran Or Chen

Cast: Liron Koren

Cast: Niv Tenenbaum

Cast: Ido Shem Zur

Cast: Maria Mukstein

Cast: Noar Zilberman

Cast: Ishay Matalon

Cast: Ayelet Halpern

Cast: Aviram Ben Tzvi

Cast: Meital Slakmon

Cast: Amichai Markovitz

Cast: Evelin Ben Shitrit

Cast: Meriluz Farhi

Cast: Tor Ben Meyor

Cast: Irit Gidron

Cast: Liat Akta

Cast: Danny Shteg

Cast: Rotem Zisman

Cast: Micky Leon

Cast: Lana Ettinger

Production Manager : Kfir Tamir

Casting Director : Ruth Gazit

Costume Designer : Francois Leplante

Make up Artist : Ziv Katanov

Sound Man : Ashi Milou

Production Designer : Yoel Herzberg

Writer: Guy Nattiv

Writer: Noa Berman-Herzberg