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The Electrifiers

Directed by: Boaz Armoni
90 Minutes, 2019, Comedy; Drama; Israel Film Center Festival

The Electrifiers won the 1984 Best New Artist Award, but have been stuck in traffic on the highway to international stardom ever since. Thirty years after their win, no one remembers their hit song and the aging band still struggles to catch its real big break between gigs at nursing homes and cheap dives. Featuring cameo appearances by real-life 80s Israeli pop icons, The Electrifiers is a blissfully sweet story in which everyone, old and slightly less old, comes of age.

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Director: Boaz Armoni

Producer: Zvika Nathan

Producer: Gal Greenspan

Producer: Roi Kurland

Writer: Sarel Piterman

Writer: Zvika Nathan

Writer: Shir Reuven

Cinematographer: Itzik Portal

Editor: Amit Ginton

Cast: Zvika Nathan

Cast: Sharon Alexander

Cast: Uri Hochman

Cast: Yigal Adika

Cast: Tamara Klingon

Cast: Tal Friedman