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The Dutch Myth

Directed by: Orly Vilnai, Guy Meroz
52 Minutes, 2017

A journey to the past can often lead to a voyage to the unexpected. In this probing documentary, we follow 88 year old Avraham Roth as he travels to Holland. But the Netherlands of his childhood turns out to have been much different than the image that most people have of this country. 85% of Dutch Jewry was destroyed in the Holocaust with the Dutch themselves taking an active part in the Nazi machine of destruction. This chilling fact has somehow been swallowed up in the positive image of the Dutch. Holland as always been seen as a liberal country that is peace-loving and one that went out of its way to help Jews during the Holocaust. But the truth proves otherwise. We are taking on “the Dutch Myth” with one of the prominent activist for Survivors rights. Roth went to school with Anne Frank and lost many of his family members in the Holocaust. He never discussed his experiences with his four sons, but when he turned 88 they decided that it was time to find out what happened. With a stubborn man for a father, the sons turned to the filmmakers for help…What they thought was a journey with the second generation up against the silence of their father, swept the filmmakers into a shattering of Dutch myths.


Directors: Orly Vilnai, Guy Meroz

Producer: Roni Livneh

Writer: Orly Vilnai

Writer: Guy Meroz