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Tel-Aviv Stories

Directed by: Ayelet Menahemi
108 Minutes, 1991

Three stories about three women: one is trying to find the right guy; one is trying to get a divorce from her runaway husband and takes a hostage in her attempt; and one turns Tel Aviv upside down in order to save a kitten trapped in a storm drain.


Director: Ayelet Menahemi

Producer: Ehud Bleiberg

Producer: Itzhak Gintzberg

Cast: Anat Waxman

Cast: Ruti Goldberg

Cast: Yael Abecassis

Cast: Sason Gabay

Co-Screenwriter: Nirit Yaron

Co-Screenwriter: Shahar Segal

Music: Ari Frankel

Music: Shlomo Gronich

Cinematography: Jorge Gurvich

Cinematography: Amnon Zlayet

Editing: Ayelet Menahemi

Sound: Eli Yarkoni

Key Grip: Effi Agami

Gaffer: Mikey Inbari

Gaffer: Avraham Leibman

Screenwriter: Shemi Zarhin