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Directed by: Ronit Elkabetz, Shlomi Elkabetz
103 Minutes, 2008, Drama

For seven days a large family of Moroccan descent observes the Jewish mourning ritual of Shiva when a brother dies. Living together again reveals many tensions and conflicts between family members. Amidst the tensions, the Gulf War rages in the background.


Director: Ronit Elkabetz

Director: Shlomi Elkabetz

Producer: Guy Jacoel

Producer: Yochanan Kredo

Producer: Elie Meirovitz

Producer: Eilon Ratzkovsky

Producer: Jean-Philippe Reza

Producer: Yossi Uzrad

Cast: Ronit Elkabetz

Cast: Albert Lluz

Cast: Moshe Ivgy

Cast: Yaël Abecassis

Cast: Hana Laszlo

Cast: Keren Mor

Written by: Ronit Elkabetz

Written by: Shlomi Elkabetz

Distributor: EZ Films


Best Actress, Jerusalem Film Festival (2008)

Wolgin Award, Best Israeli Feature, Jerusalem Film Festival (2008)