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Saving Neta

Directed by: Nir Bergman
90 Minutes, 2016, Drama; Israel Film Center Festival

Directed by multi-award winner Nir Bergman (BROKEN WINGS), SAVING NETA tells the stories of four women whose lives change after their brief encounter with a man called Neta. Humour, drama, love and hope, a powerful and moving portrait of family relationships and parenthood in modern life.

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Director: Nir Bergman

Cast: Rotem Abuhab

Cast: Emma Alfi Aharon

Cast: Naama Arlaky

Producer: Tami Leon

Producer: Chilik Michaeli

Producer: Avraham Pirchi

Executive Producer: Rina Schneur

Assistant Producer: Inbal Tenembaum


Jerusalem Film Festival - Audience Award

Jerusalem Film Festival - Haggiag Award