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Rage and Glory

Directed by: Avi Nesher
118 Minutes, 1984, Drama; Israel Film Center Festival

The ostensible focus of this film by Avi Nesher is the Jewish resistance movement in Palestine in 1942 when the Brits still held colonial power in the region. A “Stern Gang” (Jewish resistance) cell is set to take revenge on a cruel British officer who has condemned one of their members to death. Unfortunately, weak characterization and a flawed, uneven plot (certain plot developments are simply forgotten) undermine this basically valid concept.


Director: Avi Nesher

Producer: Ami Amir

Producer: Avi Nesher

Producer: saac Sehayek

Cast: Rafi Litmanovitz

Cinematography: David Gurfinkel

Film Editing: Isaac Sehayek

Key Make up Artist: Zivit Yakir

Best Boy: Yuda Tatarko

Key Grip: Jakob Bukman