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Rage and Glory

Directed by: Avi Nesher
118 Minutes, 1984, Drama; Israel Film Center Festival; War

The ostensible focus of this film by Avi Nesher is the Jewish resistance movement in Palestine in 1942 when the Brits still held colonial power in the region. A “Stern Gang” (Jewish resistance) cell is set to take revenge on a cruel British officer who has condemned one of their members to death. Unfortunately, weak characterization and a flawed, uneven plot (certain plot developments are simply forgotten) undermine this basically valid concept.

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Director: Avi Nesher

Producer: Ami Amir

Producer: Avi Nesher

Producer: saac Sehayek

Cast: Rafi Litmanovitz

Cinematography: David Gurfinkel

Film Editing: Isaac Sehayek

Key Make up Artist: Zivit Yakir

Best Boy: Yuda Tatarko

Key Grip: Jakob Bukman