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Directed by: Maha Assal
7 Minutes, 2009, Drama; Other Israel Film Festival

A young man wakes up in the morning, opens his refrigerator, takes out a plastic bottle of orange juice, drinks from it, and then spits all the juice out. He develops a habit of stealing oranges from his neighbor’s garden. Every morning he passes by the tree and grabs a couple of oranges to eat or squeeze into juice. At the same time, his neighbor, an old man, develops his own habit: every morning he stands at his window, watches the young man stealing his oranges, and never moves an inch. But one day, the old man decides take action.


Director: Maha Assal

Producer: Ehab Assal

Cast: Duraid Liddawi

Cast: Sameer Abu Elassal

Written by: Maha Assal

Distributor: Yellow Dawn