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Operation Sunflower

Directed by: Avraham Kushnir
105 Minutes, 2013, Drama; Israel Film Center Festival

The 1960s. The Iranians are bringing missiles out of their bunkers and within an hour and a half they will be just a “push of the button” away from launching them at Israel. Racing against time, the head of the Mossad and a key scientist have been recruited to develop the nuclear option for Israel. There is no connection between events in the film and real events.


Director: Avraham Kushnir

Producer: Avraham Kushnir

Producer: Chayim Sharir

Cast: Yehoram Gaon

Cast: Baruch Brener

Cast: Daniella Kertesz

Cast: Tzufit Grant

Cast: Yoav Himan

Cast: Aliza Rosen

Written by: Avraham Kushnir

Distributor: Israeli Films