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Nymphs in the Fog

Directed by: Yoram Sachs
81 Minutes, 2007

Life imitates art when Yaniv, in a perpetual sulk ever since his girlfriend Liat left him, settles into a comical routine that alternates between his job at a video store, watching romantic comedies, and constant thoughts of Liat. Yuda, his best friend, tries to break this cycle by persuading Yaniv to make a movie as a way to meet single women. The lack of a script is no obstacle as Yaniv, taking his new role as film-maker seriously, writes the perfect movie… about his break-up with Liat! But how will the plot evolve after Yaniv gets to know Gali, his seductive yoga instructor? Yaniv casts Gali in the title role of his old flame Liat. Now, with a film deal in the works, an evolving script, and increasingly complicated romantic relationships, all Yaniv needs to do is write the perfect ending.


Director: Yoram Sachs

Producer: Shay Werker