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Directed by: Eliav Lilti
87 Minutes, 2017, Documentary; Israel Film Center Festival

During 50 years of writing Ephraim Kishon sold millions of books and won two Golden Globes, yet he could never write his own biography. At the age of 70 he invited journalist Yaron London to assist him. “KISHON” uses animation to ‘bring back to life’ Kishon’s persona and reenact the rare dialog.

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Director: Eliav Lilti

Producer: Arik Bernstein

Producer: Moshe Edery

Producer: Leon Edery

Producer: David Silber

Creator: Arik Bernstein

Creator: Eliav Lilti

Writer: Eliav Lilti

Writer: Tomer Sarig

Writer: Michal Weiss

Cinematographer: Eliran Knoller

Editor: Roni Klimowski

Sound designer: Aviv Aldema

Original music: Yuval Mesner