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Joy of Aliyah

Directed by: Jamie Geller
45 Minutes, 2012

When famous food personality Jamie Geller decided to fulfill her dream and make Aliyah, Nefesh B’Nefesh teamed up with her to produce a documentary series following her and her family’s exciting and emotional journey to Israel, every step of the way. An award-winning US TV producer and best-selling author in addition to cooking celebrity, Jamie was uniquely qualified to create and produce the making of such a series, portraying an honest and vivid look behind the scenes of her move. The series is made up of individual episodes offering a glimpse of the emotional moments the Geller family experienced as they packed their belongings, said goodbye to family and friends, and departed on their special Aliyah charter flight in August 2012. It also features the family’s tear-jerker landing in Israel along with hundreds of fellow Olim while documenting their first few weeks as new Israeli citizens.


Director: Jamie Geller

Producer: Jamie Geller

Producer: Kosher Media Network

Producer: Nefesh B’Nefesh