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Holy Zoo

Directed by: Katharina Waisburd
60 Minutes, 2016, Documentary; Other Israel Film Festival

In Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo, Israelis and Palestinians work alongside one another to tend to the elephants, crocodiles and rhinos. Inevitably, tensions within and across animal species reflect themselves in the mostly good-natured, always edgy interactions between employees, who lead regular tours of schoolchildren through the zoo’s grounds. Comprised of Jewish and Muslim students, these tours are always led separately, and each group learns different details about the same animals, stories which are constructed to reflect the glories and struggles of the children’s distinct yet neighboring cultures. Katharina Waisburd’s keen eye results in a sensitively shot film, offering an unforgettable and innovative glimpse into the current conflict in the Holy Land.

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Director: Katharina Waisburd

Editor: Ina Tangermann

Cinematographer: Tilman Holzhauer

Writer: Denise Neustadt