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Going Dutch

Directed by: Ohad Ufaz
60 Minutes, 2002

Director Ohad Ufaz explains that, “[he] filmed the movie as Daphna’s partner, escorting her on a quest through lands and cultures, memories and hopes, anger and forgiveness, a jourey towards a mother’s love.” Daphna has two Dutch mothers. Her biological mother Lillian left Israel and went back to Holland when Daphna was three years old. Daphna stayed with her Israeli father Haim and her stepmother Yoke, who is also Dutch. [Daphna and Ohad] wanted to have a child, but it was clear that Daphna had to go and live beside her mother before she could become a mother herself. Going Dutch is the story of Daphna’s journey to Holland. To try to belong to the world she would have belonged to had she gone with her mother back then, a world that could be the reality of her children. But trying to fit in with the Dutch “world” is not easy, trying to get close to Daphna’s mother after so many years is hard and the stork [Daphna and Ohad are] looking for is in no hurry. 


Director: Ohad Ufaz

Producer: Itay Ken-Tor