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Directed by: Ramy A. Katz
60 Minutes, 2011, Drama; Documentary; Other Israel Film Festival

Ahead of his father’s release from prison, the virtual reality of the Parkour world in which Avshalom is a super hero, starts to crack. The inevitable upcoming showdown with the man he testified against, is going to dictate his mother’s fate


Director: Ramy A. Katz

Producer: Produced By Ramy A Katz

Cast: Avshalom Gil

Cast: Roni Marom & Matan Zohar

Written by: Ramy A. Katz


The Other Israel Award for an Israeli Documentary Film at the Haifa International Film Festival, Israel, 2011; Best Debut Film Nominee at the Israeli Documentary Competition, 2012; Prvi Kadar- Grand Prix for Best Documentary at East Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina, ‚Äč2012; Belgrade Docu & Short Film Festival, Serbia, 2012; Other Israel Film Festival, New York, USA, 2012; Warsaw Jewish Film Festival, Poland, 2012; Addis Ababa Human Rights Film Festival, Ethiopia, 2013; Muestra Doc Film Festival, Bogota, Columbia, 2013