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Footsteps in Jerusalem

Directed by: David Perlov, Dan Geva, David Ofek, Nadav Lapid, Benjamin Freidenberg, Moran Ifergan, Yarden Karmin, Amichai Markovitz, Elad Schwartz, Boaz Alexander Rosenberg, Yair Agmon, Nayef Hammoud, Yolam Kislev
87 Minutes, 2013

Footsteps in Jerusalem is not only an homage to one of Israel’s finest documentarians, David Perlov, but also a response by the graduates and students of the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School in Jerusalem—one of the finest film schools in the world—to Perlov’s landmark 1963 short In Jerusalem and to the radical upheavals the Old City has faced during the past 50 years. Introduced on December 16 by the school’s Director, Renen Schorr, as well one of its filmmakers, Moran Ifergan, Footsteps in Jerusalem opens with Perlov’s classic vérité documentary, followed by newly produced vignettes by the acclaimed Nadav Lapid (Policeman) and others.