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Directed by: Rafik Halabi
57 Minutes, 2008, Documentary; Other Israel Film Festival

A fascinating story of bereavement and mysticism, FOG tells of the quest to unravel the fate of a missing soldier. First Sergeant Mu’in Halabi disappeared at the beginning of the Yom Kippur War during an abortive IDF attempt to conquer Mount Hermon from the Syrians in October 1973. Two weeks later the IDF announced that Mu’in’s body had been found. A casket was buried in Mu’in’s hometown, the Druze village of Daliat el-Carmel. A month after the battle for the Hermon, a child was born in the Galilean village of Mrar. At the age of four, this child declared that he was the reincarnation of Mu’in, and, indeed, was able to relate almost everything about him. But in 1985 inhabitants of Daliat el-Carmel testified to having heard Mu’in speak on the Syrian State Radio. Veteran newsman, Rafik Halabi set out on a journey into time, memory, the Druze religion, and harsh Israeli realities in an attempt to uncover what lies behind this multi-layered story or, put more directly, whether Mu’in Halabi is alive


Director: Rafik Halabi

Producer: Osama Halabi

Screenplay: Dr. Masud Hamdan

Screenplay: Rafik Halabi

Cinematography: Yuval Cohen

Editing: Yuval Cohen

Sound: Yair Dalal