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The Flying Camel

Directed by: Rami Na’aman
95 Minutes, 1994, Comedy

An enchanting comedy about the adventure of a Jewish professor, an Arab sanitation worker, and a young Italian nun, who discover a utterly surprising similarity in their uncommon interests. At first they find themselves at odds, but then decide to work together to rebuild a statue important to Tel Aviv. The Flying Camel is a celebration of the differences that make everyone unique, and the bonds that can be made when we accept each others’ differences.

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Director: Rami Na’aman

Producer: Marek Rozenbaum

Cast: Yigal Adika

Cast: Mosko Alkalai

Cast: Gabi Amrani

Cast: Gilat Ankori

Cast: Johnny Arbid

Cast: Dvora Bartonov

Written by: Rami Neman

Distributor: Transfax Film Productions Ltd

Distributor: SISU