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Dayan: The First Family

Directed by: Anat Goren
42 Minutes, 2019, Documentary; Israel Film Center Festival; War


“Moshe Dayan was radioactive,” says his grandson, Sa’ar, as he tries to explain how throughout Dayan’s life and decades after his death, his family still struggles with the large shadow cast by one of the most interesting and enigmatic characters in Israel’s history. The series follows five generations of the Dayan family“The Israeli Kennedys”whose story mirrors that of Israel itself. They have played an essential part in the critical milestones in the life of the state and tell its story in an intimate, scandalous, and fascinating manner.

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Director: Anat Goren

Producer: Ofri Bar-Ilan

Cinematographer: Uriel Sinai

Editor: Efi Cohen

Editor: Erez Laufer

Editor: Ido Mochrik

Editor: Roni Kleimovsky