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Cause of Death

Directed by: Ramy A. Katz
79 Minutes, 2018, Documentary; Other Israel Film Festival

On the night of March 5, 2002, a terrorist opened fire on diners in a Tel Aviv restaurant. Druze policeman Salim Barakat bravely stopped him, but was killed by the terrorist. For years, Jamal, Salim’s brother, has been attending police ceremonies in commemoration of his brother. Suspecting they may be withholding information, he sets out on a quest to find out who killed him. A story of a bereaved man facing the Israeli security establishment and the State of Israel.

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Director: Ramy A. Katz

Producer: Ramy A. Katz

Editor: Assaf Lapid

Cinematographer: Itai Raziel

Cinematographer: Rami Katzav

Original Music: Ophir Leibovitch